World! I’m coming!

‘I must write a blog’, the idea came to my mind. So here I am. I start this blog with this text.

‘But where did the idea come from?’, the Voice asks. I have no answer to this question. I am just typing the words.

I have a few hunch, though. I need to improve my English. I’m a writer, so I must write. Because that is what a writer does, isn’t it? And I need to communicate to the world. And…

‘These are just babbling’, the Voice says.


Who is the Voice?, I wonder. But there are no answer. The answers to my questions sometimes just doesn’t exist. I must answer them with my life, at least if I want to find the answers. If I don’t…

‘You does not’, the Voice says. I got tired. I will be a writer. This blog is my first try on the road. I will put here my stories, thinkings, and so on. Everything I have. Let’s see what comes from this!